Ugly Christmas Sweaters (3-Pack)

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In Ugly Christmas Sweaters, players compete against each other through trick-taking and drafting to collect and assemble sweater pieces.

Various gameplay cards (which are drawn at the start of each round) determine gameplay and bonus scoring. The end of a round is triggered when a player completes three sweater builds. At the end of each round, victory points are awarded based on sweaters built and bonus scoring (points for sweaters following round-specific goals and hidden objectives). Build your sweaters quickly!

At the end of the third round, scores from each previous round are tallied together and the player with the highest total score (best sweaters) wins!


The holidays are all about spending time with your relatives… and having better decorations than your neighbour. The lights are up, and the inflatable Santa is on the lawn – but you won’t be kicking back with a glass of eggnog by the warm, crackling fire just yet, because Ugly Sweaters are in!

Yessum, you can feel it in those bones of yours: Jimmy-down-the-block and his whole family are going to be sporting one and you sure as heck won’t be outdone! Thing is- these other folks don’t know you’ve trained your whole life for this moment, you’re the sole knitter in the house, the anchor, tried-and-true, and you aren’t about to let any ‘fleece-wearing-Joe’ get the best of you! Out-weave those boastful neighbours! Follow the fads! Form and figure frivolous frock- but do it fast or you’ll find your family not fully fitted in festive knitted finery!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters is a rich, thinky, trick-taking game that’s friendly enough for the whole family at Christmas.

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