Hunter is the ideas man.

Hunter’s favourite games include ‘Food Chain Magnate’, ‘Troyes’, and ‘Grand Austria Hotel’. However, you can most frequently find him grabbing his go-to trick-takers and roll-and-writes.

Kym is just way more practical.

Kym’s favourite games include ‘Orleans’, ‘Firefly The Game’, and ‘Teotihuacan’. However, you can often find her grabbing games like ‘Monikers’, ‘Deception: Murder in Hongkong’, or ‘Just One” and dragging our kids and non-gamer friends to the table.

The pair met almost 5 years ago at a BBQ where Kym instantly began what could only be described as a ‘geek interrogation’. After hours of talking board games, card games, and graphic novels she figured they were probably soul mates and the rest is, as they say, history.